How to ‘Feed’ Your Child’s Brain

 ‘Feed’ Your Child’s Brain

In order to grow correctly and later be useful, children’s brain requires some must-haves and must-dos. For brain’s healthy development in children’s body blood’s sugar levels, essential fat levels, and also vitamin and mineral consistency need to be precisely balanced. When the levels are balanced they contribute to brain’s correct development.

Step 1. Pay attention to blood sugar balance of your child.
Why is it so important? Sugar is the main energy source for your child’s brain, and as you know the brain is the organ which least spares energy, compared to all others in the human’s body. Sugar intake follows some basic rules: the right type of sugar and right amounts, at the right moment.  Not only children, but everyone should avoid intake of fast sugars, fast sugars are candies, sweets, the white bread and so forth. As they get digested by your enzymes very quickly, suddenly in your children’s blood, you have very high levels of sugar. Which leads to hyperactivity and diminished concentration.
As the body cannot use that much energy units at once, it saves them 
for backup energy , converting them into abdominal fat.
How to ‘Feed’ Your Child’s Brain
Step 2. Essential fats are a must-have
The net consistency of a dried brain turns out to be made of 60% fat. How you can provide your child’s organism with essential fats? These fats are found in pretty good levels in seeds and nuts. Add them to salads, soups, or just shatter them with a blender and eat as cereals. Apart from nuts and seeds, these important fats could be found in fish, mainly in northern fish species like the herring, sardines, salmon, and anchovies. Even eating an entire oily fish on a daily basis will not reflect negatively on your children’s health condition.
How to ‘Feed’ Your Child’s Brain
Step 3. Vitamins and minerals can’t be skipped
These substances keep the brain in tune. They take part in brain building and rebuilding. Studies show that children, fed on a vitamin regime for a very long period of time perform higher IQ.
How to serve vitamin food to your child? Vitamins in high levels are found in many vegetables and fruits. Moreover, eating vegetables and fruits constantly will improve your child’s digestion processes, which in turn leads to enhanced nutrition absorption by the digestive tract.How to ‘Feed’ Your Child’s Brain

– Zachary R.

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