How to equips the workplace

How to equips the workplaceEveryone in the family should have its own space, its area of ​​habitat.
This is especially important for normal development of the student.

Beautiful and practical room with elegant and comfortable furniture, where there is everything necessary, while at the same time, there is nothing superfluous – the dream of every teenager.
Nevertheless, even if you cannot take your child a whole room, be sure to allocate at least a corner in the common room, which will belong to him alone.

Convenience and comfort – it is most importantly, what to strive for the design of the workplace student and then, your child will not be improper posture, backache and psychological discomfort.

Will there be a desk with cabinet and drawers, cabinets or desk without, but with lots of special containers, or secretaries with secret drawers – should determine the child. Suppose that he is actively involved in setting up their territory. To accommodate textbooks as needed shelves on the wall, a bookcase, or shelf.
Shelves simple form, you can make with their hands.

Bright plastic containers, racks for books, organizers and desk lamps – not only provide convenience at work, help teen organize pens on the table, but will be decorated and will make a bright colour  accents in the area of ​​its habitat.

It is important to know also something else.
When you select the table must be taken into account the child’s growth.
Check simple: a child sitting at the table, leaning his elbow on the table, fingers must reach the temple.
The chair, especially if you have a child sitting on it, should be ergonomic. That is the angle between the femur and tibia should be 90 degrees.
Acute angle – the chair is low, dull, – a bit higher than necessary.
Pay special attention to lighting.
Lamp must be with a matte shade and should be located on the left side.
To prevent eyestrain, take care of overhead lighting.

Below the picture are several options resettlement corner of a schoolchild.