How to Enhance Brain Functioning

Enhance Brain Functioning

The human brain is the controller post for all processes going on in the body. The commander organ of what to be carried out and what not. Brain’s composition is extremely complex and after long years of surveying, today we get to disclose more and more of its features. Roughly said, it’s a n aggregation of neurons, other type of cells, surrounding them and liquids.
 Enhance Brain Functioning
Step 1. Know what your brain requires.
There are two main things human’s brain cannot survive without. The first one is oxygen, brain cells not provided with oxygen begin dying only within a minute, after 15 minutes there are no living cells!
The other must-have is water, as for all the other tissues, for the brain this comp o und is also vital. Other major substances are the ions (particularly Calcium), vitamins and energy units (sugars).
Tips: It’ s not only your brain but your entire body requiring these basic substances, read other articles  related to healthcare and food on this website to find out more clues about constructing a healthier regime.

Step 2. Train that mass of neurons!
Surprisingly, the brain is like the muscles, it demands exercising, a complete and regular training program. In order to have your brain well trained, make some effort on a daily basis to create new connections between the separate neurons and even brain lobes through exploring, learning, experiencing diverse situations and observing.
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Step 3. Best activities for new neuronal connections.
Learn to play a musical instrument. It is proved that musicians’ brains behave differently. They put in use a huge number of their brain connections at once, thus their brains tend to grow bigger and form more active connections.
Language learning is another way to keep your brain fit and fresh, learning new words and expressions and linking them with the ones you know in your own language through diverse associations forms incredibly many neuronal connections. Furthermore learning a language is fun and a quite useful investment.
There are games designed particularly for the brain, this would also be helpful to rediscover your brain and its abilities.

Tips: Tons of information, today, is found on the Internet, TV productions and books. The most recommended way to learn a bit more about your brain is watching programs devoted to experiments made on brain’s functioning.
-Zachary R.

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