How To Distract People’s Attention From The Double Chin

How To Distract People's Attention From The Double ChinMany women believe that the problem of having a double chin is a problem only for full women. In fact, from this cosmetic defect may suffer both full and weak women. In some women, it occurs due to improper nutrition, for others – chosen by improper diet. It is very difficult to lose weight only from your face. Here are some useful tricks to move the focus from the chin and to avoid drawing people’s attention on your cheeks.

You can visually lengthen the neck. The effect of the long neck is achieved for example with larger necks. Prefer T-shirts that are more opened. In your wardrobe you should have more clothes with V-shaped. People who have a second chin should never wear blouses which are too closed and not reveal any skin. Another way to visually lengthening of the neck is having your hair in a bun or tie her high up  at the back. Voluminous hair also attracts the eyes on him.

Emphasize the eyes with proper make up. That way you will attract people’s attention to your eyes and they won’t even notice that you have fat face.

Use accessories that make you look good. For example, do not wear long and large because they reach the base of the chin and the attention is attracted at that place. Use small shiny earrings, that will distract attention from the double chin.

If you have beautiful long legs, emphasize on them. You have to wear short skirts or short jeans, in a word – everything that draws people’s attention on them. Also, wear high – heeled shoes, you choose the one which match the color of your T-shirt. The colorful shoes can be combined with bracelet in the same color.

In addition to that chew gum every day. If is refreshing and you lose calories while you chew. Also, you strengthen your muscles in the jaw and you face becomes thinner and well-shaped.

Muscles located in the jaw, in front of the neck are responsible for your beautiful chin. Lie on bed with head in air, tilt your head slightly down, then lift it up. Repeat 20 times, do notexercise rapidly and be careful not to hurt your neck.

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