How to decorate your home for Christmas

Perhaps you have already noticed that almost all shops and streets are covered in the Christmas mood. This means that it is high time for you to transform your home.

 How to decorate your home for Christmas

Take out the decoration from the last year and see if it can still do the trick. If you’ve decided to buy new, it gives you the ability to select a theme color that predominates in the house.

The market offers all sorts of types of toys and Christmas decorations. White, golden, red and purple are particularly highly, but you can choose a color that will match perfectly with the whole interior of your home.

As to what exactly to take, you will never go wrong if you load with garlands and lights.

Special garlands are a great and easy solution to holiday decor, not only for its beauty but also because of its flexibility – they can be made from fresh fir twigs of finished decoration and even fruit.

We offer you the following ideas for the festive decor:

 How to decorate your home for Christmas1

Luxury ribbon garlands

Fresh green boughs woven into garlands and decorated with wide ribbon in vivid color. The resulting decoration can be used for stairs and railings.

Decision for the Kitchen

When you decorate your home for the holidays, you should not forget the kitchen – the room, which also spend quite some time. For example, you can “frame” the kitchen window with a simple garland of fresh twigs decorated with red berries or ribbon. Required put tropical fruits such as tangerines, lemons and oranges, as their strong and pleasant smell will refresh the kitchen.decorate kitchen christmas

Encased in light

Do not forget about the lights! ! They give an incredible effect and festive mood of the whole house. You can put them not only the tree, but also to decorate the windows with cornices them or curtains.

 christmas lights

Citruses and lemon leaves

A rather unusual, but very fresh holiday decoration – garlands of fresh citrus fruit and leaves. Thus obtained garlands are not only beautiful but also fragrant, and the fruit can be eaten immediately after the holidays.

 lemon christmas decoration

Garlands of ribbons

Use plain ribbons for decoration instead of shiny tinsel. Unleash your imagination and act boldly. They can add and cones – they carry the spirit of winter.

Fresh pine branches can also serve as a wonderful decoration for the home. Just put them in certain places in the house, tied with a red ribbon. Their only drawback is that the crumbling needles from them and thus create unnecessary chores.decorate your home for Christmas

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