How to create feelings and senses in women

The third method that can help you overcome any conscious resistance is based on the principle that a person is unable to resist what you feel in your own body. For example, if your stomach sends signals of hunger, then you cannot ignore these signals and cannot resist it in any way, what happens in your stomach is real. What happens in our bodies virtually always perceived as reality (and how else can be perceived?) And therefore it is impossible to resist what happens in practice.How to create feelings and senses in women1

Do you realize what a powerful weapon I give you?

On misunderstood I will explain: if you can challenge a woman in any bodily sensations, she is unable to resist her body.

If you feel something in your body, for her it is a reality. And if you feel desire for sex? …

“But how to do it?” – You ask. I’ll give you an answer, at this easy: With words!!! Your words, your speech will make her want you so bad that she will be ready to scratch the eyes of anyone who tried to stop her. Do not believe it?

If I say “sour lemon”, how you will understand what I mean? Will there arise a doubt in you what is “sour lemon”? And do not you think to answer my questions, you need to remember and feel the taste of yogurt? Even if you say nothing out loud, this feeling has arisen in your body.How to create feelings and senses in women

The common pattern is the fact that if we say human words that describe (or represent) the elementary sensations, these sensations will occur regardless of consciousness. In conclusion: if you learn to describe erotic sensation, feeling of infatuation or condition of a special relationship between man and woman it:sexual experiences will occur in women who hear regardless of their minds!

The problem is that men have a common difficulty: they hardly describe in words their experiences and feelings, if you utter more than one word (women do not have such problems). Therefore, I suggest the following exercise: type on a sheet all words you known that describe different experiences, perceptions, conditions and up a few sentences using these words. Then say the phrases out loud (that you can think of these words does not mean that you can freely handle them colloquially).

Now improvise: Take to describe a word indicating any sense and at least one minute tell about it aloud what it means for you this word, this concept. If you pause more than 5 seconds – start the exercise over.