How to Clothe in Winter

How to Clothe in Winter

This article’s name could be misleading as it could be taken as a fashion-related one, but what comes before fashion is your health. Clothing according to the weather conditions is more of a health issue at first, and then fashion. Why is it so important to clothe correctly respectively to the temperatures outside? Clothing, primarily, is made for body temperature regulation and your body temperature, commanded incorrectly, could end up with unwilled body reactions.

Step 1. It is cold but wait…
According to our grannies, we have to hook up anything we find on ourselves, in order to prevent catching a cold.
They would suggest woolen pullovers, trousers even socks, and most likely you would listen to your granny. First of all, she is always greatly persistent on everything and second, as a matter of fact, it is really cold outside and you want to feel comfortable in your warm package. I’m sorry to say this, but you just made a huge mistake. Overclothing yourself will destroy your body temperature balance as your body enzymes are extremely sensitive to temperature changes, their functions will be hindered, and as a result, your harmonic and highly organised body processes will be obstacled. In order to avoid hyperthermia, you will sweat, which in turn will worsen the conditions for your skin, and could also contribute to bacteria’s faster reproduction onto it.
Tips: It could sound wild, but having your body cold, stimulates its functions, its irrigation and contributes to faster fat burning, as your body needs energy to warm itself. How to Clothe in Winter

Step 2. Prevent heart attacks

You might get used to ha ving your body overheated, but still it does not mean that your body is in its comfort zone. Overheating your body, you burden your vascular system, which in turns makes your body quite welcoming for heart attacks. Scientists who have made researches on this issue, come up with an easy solution for you. They say, that during the winter season people should envelop themselves with more layers of clothes, if they want to keep the warmth, but these clothes have to be slight ones and easy to undress whenever you feel that it is no more that cold for you. We suggest you to follow this clever advice and enjoy a better health.

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