How to buy kitchen furniture

The kitchen is considered the heart of the house, because there is going to enjoy leisure activities the whole family. The regeneration of this part of the apartment very much want to have everything perfectly – from the walls and the choice of kitchen furniture and finishing accessories
Purchases kitchen furniture. How to buy kitchen furniture

The optimal solution to Save Water – to make furniture to order, picks it up section by section to the size of the room.

The kitchen plan or clear the kitchen wall measurements, along which the plan to install the furniture, always displaying the height of the walls on the scheme and the location of all utilities.
How to buy kitchen furniture 1
Specify the type (or built-standing) and size of household appliances that you have or you want to buy – a refrigerator, stove, oven. Also, determine the shape and location of the sink.

From the submitted samples in the store, select the kitchen design, and consultant, using a plan of your premises to design a future kitchen. How to buy kitchen furniture 2

The cabinets are usually made up of buildings and facades, which are sold separately, so you can pick up their various colour combinations. The price does not include kitchen countertops, baseboards for her, halogen lamps, fittings for furniture, cleaning, and household appliances.

Having defined all the elements of the kitchen units, make a reservation. The average production of food takes about 3 weeks, but sometimes time can be shortened to one week.
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Create and install a kitchen can be you or seek the assistance of experienced artisans, providing such services.

You can also order the production of kitchen furniture in our online store, and our designer will give you free advice on design future kitchen and make measurements of your kitchen.

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