How To Become the Greatest Fan Of Star Wars

How To Become the Greatest Fan Of Star Wars

There are millions of people all over the world who worship Star Wars. They have groups, meetings and hundreds of thousands fan clubs in every part of the world. You can find at least 100 fans of Star Wars even in the most distant and isolated places on the planet. That is a special connection between people fond of Star Wars which only one of the fans can understand. If you want to become one of Star Wars fans, then you should follow our useful advices that will lead you easier through this process.

 How To Become the Greatest Fan Of Star Wars2

1. The first thing which you obviously should do is to watch all the movies from the Star Wars collection. Star Wars movies from 1 to 6 part you can find on DVD-s or you can download from internet. The 7th part, called The Force Awakens was released in December 2015, but it is still not available on a DVD. So begin with the first 6 parts and go to the cinema to see the 7th part.

2. The next thing you should try is watching The Clone Wars – this is a cartoon version of the movie, which gives all the necessary information in short. However, you may skip that part of the process as it is not so important.

 How To Become the Greatest Fan Of Star Wars

3. The third advice we will give you that will lead you one step closer to becoming a Star Wars fan is to watch the fan movies. They will bring you a lot of fun, you can watch them with friends in a pleasant home atmosphere.

4. To become a real fan of Star Wars you have not only to watch everything connected with the movie, but also, to understand the philosophy of Star Wars. That is the greatest and most difficult part of the process. There are many hidden messages in the movie which every fan has to discover for himself/herself. Here are some of those which we find interesting: the knowledge is power and it can change your life. In addition, no matter how hard we want to control our lives, there is something outlined, let’s call it “destiny” on which you cannot affect. Also, the most famous theme of the Star Wars movie is the fight of good against evil. Another very significant theme is how we should control ourselves and our emotions, even in love. Self-discipline will make us better and stronger people.

5. Now, after you have watched the movies and you have entered the world of Star Wars, you will be fascinated to learn everything about the movie, the characters, timelines, etc. At that moment you will already have your favorite character, and as a result you should know absolutely everything about it.

 How To Become the Greatest Fan Of Star Wars1

6. All Star Wars fans can recite the most famous lines from the movie. Even people who aren’t fans of the movie, know the lines like: ” The Force is with you.” and “May the Force be with you.”.

7. For those of you who like playing games, it is absolutely necessary to play Star War games. You can find various types of games online.

 How To Become the Greatest Fan Of Star Wars3

8. Now after you are completely fascinated with Star Wars, you can start gathering your personal Star Wars collection. There are special coins and charms about the movie which you must have. You can find a lot of incredible staff on garage sales or online, so use every chance to have something new from the Star Wars collection.

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