How to Be A Desired Man

How to Be A Desired Man

Be A Desired Man

In this article, you will find out tens of useful tricks that will make you the man women dream about.
Following these simple but effective guides, you will always know how to react in any situation. Women love men who have a solution for any kind of a situation. Knowing what to do, raises your reputation in front of a woman and you gain some self-confidence. Now in 20 steps you will become a man who never fails.

Step 1. Tell her that she looks charming
Step 2. Lit her cigarette if she is a smoker
Step 3. Don’t talk over hours about your previous relationship
Step 4. Take her hand.
Step 5. Pay the bill WITHOUT commenting it
Step 6. Tell her “For nothing on earth, I would let you go home alone in the dark”
Step 7. Throw your coat on her, if she is cold
Step 8. Undress her with a g aze
Step 9. Kiss her gently but persistently
Step 10. Turn around once again and wave to her
Step 11. Tell her in the next morning
Step 12. Thank her for the formidable supper
Step 13. Ask her about when you could meet again
Step 14. Buy her an ice cream
Step 15. Take her to a long walk
Step 16. Make her laugh
Step 17. Choose a romantic place for the first time
Step 18. Be tidy and fresh
Step 19. Always pu ll off your socks
Step 20. Present her roses
How to Be A Desired Man

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