How and Why to Be Tolerant

Why to Be Tolerant 

In today’s globalised world being tolerant is one of the key features of one’s entire character.  There are 7.3 billion people on the planet until the present moment, it is logical that there would be a great array of quite different personalities. Ones with whom you will have to build up your business, others on whom will be dependent, and thirds who could offer great friendships, if you were a tolerant person. Tolerance means acceptance, to be accepted by the community they way you are.

Step 1. Think about it
If it were you to be discriminated, unwilled or neglected, just because you are too tall, what would be the feeling? It is a thing you cannot change, it does not depend on you, but you are charged for this by the community, it is quite unfair, isn’t it? What if you are too tall, it doesn’t make you a bad person, does it?
Once you think this way, considering the view points of other people and the situations they get involved in, you get to know what they experience in their daily life and what an unnecessary burden they carry on their shoulders.
Why to Be Tolerant
Step 2. In order to receive whatever you want, you have to give whatever other people want from you
Life has never been just taking from the world, from people. Everything runs in a circle, and in order to have this circle running, you have to carry out your mission in it. For instance, you will never get in the circle of happiness unless you make somebody happy. Even if you manage to get, you will be soon expelled. Therefore, respect people, everybody has their shortcoming, but mind you, that everyone is good at something, for which they deserve to be respected, just like you.Why to Be Tolerant

Step 3. Judging
If you were born to judge people,
then you would have become a judge. There is actually a mountain difference between bullying through intolerance than judging. People are judged for unfairnesses they have done, what kind of an unfairness has a colored-skinned person done, for instance. You don’t have to tolerant just because today’s world demands it, you can be tolerant in behalf of yourself.

 Why to Be Tolerant

– Zachary R.

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