High-tech – technology comfort

High-tech - technology comfortHigh-tech, it is technology line, maximum functionality, restrained decor, plenty of metal and glass elements – the hallmarks of the style of high-tech, which appeared in our homes with the development of high technology – metal, glass and some plastics. It is in this interior easily fits into any household appliances. There is no need to hide behind walls or drape computer TV. The most complex organic household items look in the space of high-tech.

This is the style of the young and active people, who are not afraid to live show.

In this, ascetic home comfortable people feel with cold reason, and the iron logic of character.

If this tech style decided to decorate the whole house, then it is better to get rid of unnecessary walls. Free space in studio apartments will require a unified picture of floor coverings and monochrome painting walls and ceiling. Color is neutral white, gray, cream and even black.  However, the focus may be on any piece of furniture: in the background with silver walls will look beautiful bright crimson upholstery sofa or emerald green kitchen table. Nevertheless, such a conspicuous part has to be one.

Exists in the interior space and textiles, but it will not be calico thingies or with satin draping.

Super modern windows are made according to the latest high-tech, decorate or transparent organza or fabric with metallic threads. Perfect, both horizontal and vertical blinds roll-blinds.

Tech interior complement the contemporary furniture with regular geometric shapes, smooth and level surface. Chrome-plated metal, light plastics, leather – all perfectly fit into clearly defined stylistic boundaries.

Appropriate glass tables, metal chairs, shelves and frames instead of the bookcases. The best option – functional furniture, transformer easily change shape and purpose. Necessary detail, without which it is so difficult to do a modern man, it is better to hide in the closet.

Important role in high-tech interior is light. Functional fixtures can be mounted on the walls and ceiling on special brackets or be mounted directly into the furniture. The main thing is the simplicity of forms.

Here is not required any bronze chandeliers, crystal pendants and floral lampshades. Better unit built fixture can only be a cascade of halogen lamps. Delineate zones in an apartment will help incredibly light and elastic string lights.

Complement the interior in the style of high-tech accessories with the “technological” bias – shiny metal balls, model mobile, techno-clear vase geometric shape of a sphere, cylinder, cone, and prism. Crystal and china in a room is not the place.