Helpful Exercises For Improving Vertical Jump

Helpful Exercises For Improving Vertical JumpAccording to many studies there are different ways to improve your vertical jump. It is very important skill if you want to be an excellent player in basketball, volleyball, football and tennis. It is proved that ply metric  jumps can make your vertical jump better. In addition to that depth jumps, performed from 2 – 3 meters help you build stronger muscles which result in improved vertical jump. If you have never practiced any kind of sports, you need to exercise your vertical jump three times a week. First, you should practice on your cycle ergo meter for ten minutes. Second, you should make the standard stretching exercises. At last, you should make about five vertical jumps with your hands placed on your hips. It will be good for you if you jump on rope because it will keep you fit and it will strengthen the muscles of the legs. You will burn the fat and you can practice this exercise every day for 30 minutes. You will feel more energetic and you healthy.

If you live in an apartment or house with stairs don’t climb up slowly and don’t use the elevator if you have one. You’d better run on the stairs and try to take two or three stairs with one jump. You can repeat this exercise as many times as you want. Jogging is also very helpful and you can include it in your everyday workouts. Practice hour a day in order to have better results. The most appropriate time for jogging is in the early morning before going to work or in the lunch break. If you decide to go jogging after work, it will  be more difficult for you because you will feel tired and it is more likely to miss practicing.

If you go to the gym regularly, probably you have noticed that there are step benches or platform on the ground which is especially helpful when you want to improve your vertical jump. Jump backwards from the platform and practice your landing on the ground. As soon as you step on the ground jump back to the platform with a bouncing motion. Make this exercise 30 times with 3 breaks in between. Be very careful because if you make a mistake when you land on the ground, you may twist your ankle. If there is a trainer in the gym, ask him/ her to check the right performance of the exercise.

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