Healthy Food Diversity – Step Forward to Healthy Diet

Healthy food diversity is the main factor that guarantees you having good health and fabulous shape. However, still there are people who associate healthy eating with definitions “boring”, “annoying”, “painful”, “uniform”. But to be a healthy diet, it must be diverse. Many people fall into the trap of the eating the same things every day.

Many people think they follow a healthy regime – they eat broccoli, chicken and grapefruit (and only that). By having a uniform menu every day they create preconditions for adverse reactions in the body.

 Healthy Food Diversity

I have talked to many people who decide to do something useful for themselves and build healthy eating habits. Most of them fall into the trap which is not caused by healthy eating, but by their understanding of it. They decide that it is sufficient to replace five harmful foods they eat every day, with five new, but healthier. And this is wonderful, but it is not enough. Healthy but uniform – it’s not useful!

The importance of healthy food diversity – uniform nutrition can lead to:

  • Aggravating of compliance with the healthy diet and gradually return to bad habits. Eating the same foods day after day is annoying and affects badly on the psyche;
  • The disadvantage of nutrients and depriving the body of a wide range of micronutrients. Each food has different nutritional content – some foods contain vitamins and minerals that cannot be found in others;
  • Food allergies. In the lining of the gastrointestinal tract, there are specific antibodies that have an important role to recognize and capture foreign bodies before they penetrate into the blood stream and the lymph. Uniform feeding disrupts the natural mechanism of recognition and hence defects in the work of antibodies – they begin to respond to the food as they would react to the foreign body.
  • Deadlock in achieving objectives. This may be as a result of boredom and negative emotions associated with pain to the known uniform menu and food allergies.

 Healthy Food Diversity

Why you came to this trap?

Surely there are many possible answers, but I’ll give you just one of them which happened to me. I found in what caloric intake and ratio of macronutrients I can achieve my personal goals. I thought these ratios with several food source and began to eat only them. I felt comfortable that I knew how much protein is in 165 g chicken and how much fat there is in 2 eggs, size M. I started to achieve my goals, but parallel, I began to fear another type of food because, although it was healthy, I feared that can interfere with my goals. And frankly, although I was sick of eggs, chicken, rice cakes and cabbage, I achieve my goals. That lasted several weeks. But then things took a U-turn and my body fell into stagnation. I was looking for the cause everywhere, but not in the five foods that I ate every day for several months.Healthy Food Diversity

Healthy Food Diversity

So I came to a varied diet. I began to think more and to question everything. Even what experts said. I ask questions, find answers. The pieces of my personal puzzle began to rank.

I realized that a healthy diet is not uniform meal with healthy foods but a varied diet with healthy foods. The idea is to have several sources of basic macronutrients and make them rotate. Eat eggs today, cauliflower and oatmeal, the next day enjoy turkey, brussels sprouts, avocado and rice, do the third day delicious grilled fish.

 Healthy Food Diversity

These are just examples, of course, to show my idea easily.

I apologize to vegans and vegetarians that are constantly talking about meat and fish (as a source of protein) but speaking from personal experience, and I’m carnivorous. In the place of the chicken you can put a plant source of protein that is being used daily.

Advantages of Healthy Food Diversity

Varied diet with healthy food sources can lead to the following advantages:

  • Providing a wide range of micro- and macronutrients body;
  • Reduce the risk of deficits;
  • Reduce the risk of food intolerances;
  • Possibility of combining different foods and spices, so you do not have the feeling that bound mode.
  • Opening of new flavors and combinations that give you pleasure of eating;
  • Willingness to experiment in the kitchen – when I observed this plus – I want to put my energy into preparing their own food and can not wait to invent new recipes;
  • Vitality and enjoyment of life – Providing your body a variety of nutrients and as long as you are not in excessive calorie deficit or excess, you will feel more satisfied and energetic.

How to start

If you think you are trapped in uniform diet and see the negatives of it, start the change.

Start introducing new healthy food diet and experiment with new flavors. Make a list of various health sources: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, fiber (do not forget the water). Strive every day to have a different source of each group in quantities suitable for you and your everyday life.

Do not go to extremes – nothing fatal in the fact that you ate pork three times this week, and vegetables you were just carrots and cauliflower. Next week, try to vary your diet with other protein source and experiment with more vegetables. Remember that healthy food diversity

can be delicious and should be such useful and pleasurable, if prepared according to your individual needs and preferences.

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