Healthy Diet during Pregnancy

Your body is doing a tremendous job for the growth of the baby. It is especially important to follow a healthy diet during pregnancy to ensure its growth and to maintain your energy. According to experts it is important to choose foods that are broken down slowly. Remember, you only need the additional 1900 kilojoules per day in the third quarter (1 kJ = 0.238 kcal). See what the best healthy diet during pregnancy is.

 Healthy Diet during Pregnancy

Eat Smart!

In the first three months of your pregnancy your energy needs are not bigger than they were before pregnancy. In the second quarter of the pregnancy you need an additional 1400 kilojoules a day, and in the third quarter – 1900 kilojoules. This may be difficult in the case of nausea at first, but you should not worry too much if you do not lose more than 10 % of your weight.


Eating carbohydrates with a low glycemic index (the rate at which a food affects insulin release) is good for both – mother and baby. Foods with a low glycemic index provide a slow degradation and slow release of energy. So it is preferable to eat wheat bread, oatmeal, granola, quinoa, brown rice, sweet potatoes. You can eat also fruits, legumes, milk and yogurt and vegetables to maintain a carbohydrate level.

 Healthy Diet during Pregnancy


They are important for the development and growth of the baby. Besides that, they ensure your needs of proteins. So include in your healthy diet milk and yogurt, eggs, beans, fish and lean meat. It is important to consume enough omega-3 fats, which are contained in the largest amount in the fatty fish. It is recommended to take 2 to 3 servings a week of such fish – salmon, tuna, mackerel, herring and sardines.

Dairy products

They are ideally suited to supply the baby with calcium it needs for bone development. Try to take at least 1,000 mg per day. Cheese, milk and yogurt are rich in calcium. If you prefer low fat milk can obtain such necessary your vitamin D from other sources such as fatty fish or skin exposure to the sun. Add to your healthy diet during pregnancy orange colored vegetables and fruits which contain high content of vitamin A. You can also use other sources of calcium such as spinach, broccoli, almonds and calcium-fortified milks.

 Healthy Diet during Pregnancy

Fruits and vegetables

Eat at least five servings of vegetables every day, and at least two servings of fruit.

If you follow these recommendations you will provide the necessary vitamins and minerals for both – your baby and you and maintain good immunity. Add vegetables to soups, trying to increase green leafy vegetables which are good sources of iron. Limit fruit juices that contain lots of kilojoules. Instead, drink preferably water or vegetable juices.

Do not include in your healthy diet during pregnancy

ü      Soft cheese which may contain dangerous bacteria listeria

ü      Meat or vegetable pate – can also contain listeria

ü      Liquid egg – may contain salmonella

ü      Undercooked or raw meat

ü      Certain types of fish that may contain high amounts of mercury – shark and swordfish

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