How to have the best Attic designFurniture: How to have the best Attic design 

Open-bearing roof structure may participate actively in the interior, forming an inner space. It may be summer room, which in winter are a good additional insulation for the bulk of the building, and may be among the main room apartment, sleeping area encompassing. This add-ins allows you to increase the effective area of ​​the building, not noticing that the area around the house. You can equip a second level of apartments in urban homes. In the rural homes of the attic can take a “second light” or living room fireplace, making these rooms more spacious and comfortable.

Due to this add-in, you can modify an existing building, greatly improving its exterior and interior, bringing together a variety of general composition of its height and purpose of the room is particularly attractive individual home on this wonderful architectural element. Different colour and texture of the roof, which now may be achieved by modern building materials, can achieve the original design decisions at home. When a small width of the building (9-11 m) unit loft bunk is inexpedient, since sloping walls greatly reduce the usable area of ​​the upper tier. Lack of width of the body can be substantially corrected by remote attic that it is expedient to do either on a secondary frame at a low height of the building or on the console. When designing a remote attic insulation is necessary to take care of the overlap, but also take into account the underlying shadow of the building.


Construction of the attic is an important and complicated process. The regeneration of the attic should not underestimate the role of roof windows – light source, an interior element, with a pledge of silence, a favourable climate and mood. Excellent heat insulation, sound insulation creates a unique comfort and it will be the most essential element in setting up the attic.

Skylights are especially relevant today in Russia, where rapidly developing process of building and reconstruction. Skylights are ideal for modern buildings and for renovations of old houses. A cottage or country house just created in order to arrange them in a cosy loft. Efficient use of space allows for more usable area at a relatively low price.