Frills and ruffles in the interior

Frills and ruffles in the interiorThe world abounds with all sorts of interior frills and ruffles.
These are lush ruffles on pillows, curtains, and blinds on, or crimped frill on furniture covers and lampshades, bedspreads and flounces on the tablecloths.
A ruffle is coming from the French. The ruche is finishing in the form of corrugated or narrow strips of cloth, lace, sewn in the centre.
The frill – it is a strip of cloth along one edge.
Used as a decorative frill edges of all soft furnishings.

Any of your fantasy is easy to implement.
Enough to the existing interior textile items strips of cloth.

Only half an hour and you can turn your bedroom, for example, in an elegant boudoir.
It will be possible thanks to a white chiffon curtains with ruffles and a few pillows of white and pink muslin, decorated with lush ruffles.

In addition, how nice it will look next to the dressing table white chair, upholstered in pink satin with delicate frill on the edge of veil tail!
Inalienable part boudoir style is a lot of flirty flounces, frills, and riches that lavishly decorate the bed linens, curtains, and tablecloths.
Due to these small details in the bedroom creates a sensual, romantic atmosphere.

It should be placed in the living room wooden or wicker furniture, rude pottery, and accessories from natural materials, to paste the wall wallpaper with a floral pattern, and hang the curtains on the windows made of natural fabrics of bright colour s – and you become the owner living in a country style.
Nevertheless, the interior would be harmonious only when the curtains will be with many ruches, frills and lace trim uncomplicated.

Experiment, but still do not overload the interior these lovely details!
Everything is good in moderation.

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