Five Advices About Having A Flat Stomach

Five Advices About Having A Flat StomachWhen the summer is coming we all begin to dream about a flat stomach and thin waist.  It is widely known that this is not so easily achieved, especially in winter if we have eaten  more than enough.


First of all  forget about fizzy drinks and gums.  Turn off the white bread, pasta, a wafer, salt etc. If you are used to drinking coffee every day, don’t put any sugar in it. It will make a difference.

A second important step is to avoid drinking milk for at least two weeks. Although, milk is very healthy drink it will be a reason for adding extra pounds which you definitely don’t need. Constantly monitor what you drink. It will be better to give priority to tea with lemon instead of consuming coffee and strong tea. Throughout the day drink sips of warm water. 

Most of the people don’t know how much water they should drink to ensure proper operation of all systems in our bodies. A new study shows how important water is to our psyche. According to a survey increased risk of depression is a result of not drinking enough water. Volunteers were divided into 2 main groups – the first group received enough water  for the day and the second group had a limited intake. After several days was reported that members of the second group started to become irritable, had a bad mood, and some began to openly show malice and envy on various occasions. Although not as obviously, these participants showed a decreased ability to think quickly and accurately. They worked more slowly than other tasks requiring logical thinking and irritate them further.
Scientists say the amount of water necessary for the proper activity of an organism is highly individual and depends on factors such as exercise, weather conditions, air temperature in the room and others. But really the average amount is 8-9 glasses per day and this statement should not be questioned. Supervised trials stress that it comes to water, not total liquids.


Unfortunately, you have to forget eating fruits for a dessert. Eat fruits between meals and choose the one with a lower sugar content. 

At the third place, make exercises. Nobody says to go to the gym it is clear you have to do sports.
Fourth – if you suffer from constipation, you have to solve this problem.

Fifth advice – avoid stressful situations.

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