Fat Face – How To Get Rid Of It

Fat Face - How To Get Rid Of ItFor some women even the minimal change in the weight  is immediately reflected on their face. To get rid of double chin or fluffy cheeks, you can read the article below.

Fluffy cheeks are not so bad because…
Having some extra pounds in the abdomen is often a symptom of various diseases, in particular – cardiovascular, diabetes and others. Having a fluffy face does not mean you have health problems.
Many of us pay special attention to our appearance, so if we see a recent photo of cheeks who are bigger than normal, we take action immediately.
On the other hand, women with fat face look younger for their age. Also, the full face is aging more slowly and it’s hard to notice the signs of aging.

Fleshy cheeks may be inherited from your parents, which in combination with a charming smile and attractive eyes, make the perfect combination and you will look really beautiful.

If you still want to get rid of fat face, you need to treat your face with steam. In addition to that you have to reduce consumption of sugar and carbohydrates. Some nutritionists assert that excessive consumption of sugar contributes to water retention in the body and it reflects on our face. You have avoid eating ready – to -cook food and include in your everyday menu products from wholemeal flour.

Another good advice is to reduce consumption of salt. Water retention in the body causing swelling.
Try to take less medication. Some medicines help water retention in the body. If you take medication on the advice of your doctor, discuss this with him.
Use cosmetics in order to hide the fat face, preferably bronzing powder. Powder should be applied in the neck under the chin and lower jaw line.
You’ll be amazed what you can do with a new hairstyle. Forget the hair with curls and make your haircut with uneven bang. Stylists also recommend hairstyles with volume on top (so visually increase the length of the face) and hair falling over the sides.

Finally, you have to be patient. Remember that the fat face gets thinner with aging. You can look amazing even with fat face. Remember that every your feature is part of your personality and it can not be bad!

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