Easy Weight Loss with Eggs for Breakfast

If you are wondering how to enjoy easy weight loss, check our new suggestion! If you eat eggs for breakfast every day, you can relieve the feeling of hunger, reduce calorie consumption at lunchtime and throughout the day, a new study confirms. Dr. Maria Luz Fernandez, a professor of dietetics at the University of Connecticut and author of the study, said: “The experiment with men eating chicken eggs proves that they received less food in the buffet, even though the participants were given a buffet “.

 Easy Weight Loss

The study is a continuation of another scientific study, according to which the use of eggs as a component of low-calorie diets has helped overweight people to lose 65% more and still feel energetic.

According to Professor Fernandez, the data prove the importance of protein in the diet. After such a breakfast, a person has a feeling of satiety for a longer time. The egg contains only 70 calories. The researcher calls for eating the egg whole because both the protein and the egg yolk contain useful substances.

 Easy Weight Loss

The benefit of eggs in the fight against excess pounds was proven in the framework of a study by British scientists. More than 400 44-year-old volunteers, divided into two groups, took part in it. The participants in the first group were subjected to a low calorie diet for 12 weeks, with the use of chicken eggs totally excluded. The second group was not subjected to such trials, but each day they had to eat two eggs prepared in all possible ways.

At the end of the trial, it turned out that the representatives of the two groups were equally weakened. In connection with these data, scientists argue that the denial of hen consumption in dieting for weight loss is by no means obligatory. Egg consumption is extremely beneficial for easy weight loss!