Double Chin – How To Avoid Having One

Double Chin - How To Avoid Having OneIf you have fat face and double chin, you may feel embarrassed and it can affect in your social life. You may stay at home out, isolating yourself from the others, not meeting new people because you are not confident in yourself. Also, probably every time you meet new person you may ask yourself did he/she like you, has he/she noticed you have a double chin, does he/she think you are ugly. Remember that all we think is not the same as what other people think of us. They may have not even noticed you have fat face. If you are smiling and talking confidently, you have to be sure that nobody will talk about your double chin. However, here are some exercises which can be very helpful to you.

1)Exercise for lifting and lowering the head in supine position. Performed in bed, so even for the most sloppy woman there isn’t an excuse if they fail to do this easy exercise. Lie on your back, put a pillow under your shoulders so your head can hang back as much as possible. If the cushion is thin, put it under your shoulders folded in two.

The exercise is as the following: head gradually rises until the chin touches the chest, then slowly slid down to drop until there is a possibility. In the first days make this exercise from 6 to 8 times, then you can do up to ten times. Through the whole time breathe regularly as breath holding can cause headaches.

2)Exercise with a chewing gum. Put the gum in your mouth, rejected your head back as much as you can and chew the gum with your front teeth.
It is clear that not only neck muscles take most active part in this exercise, but even the chest muscles, because with every closing of your mouth the chest rises. Therefore, this exercise is also recommended for those women who want to adjust their allocated breasts.

It is interesting that the exercise helps to remove excess fat, to eliminate the crop, and at the same time also help to engender a better neck, if it is very thin and weak.

Before going to bed you have to drink warm tea with chamomile, followed by holding your head on a steam, making a steam compress with a hot poultice of linseed and boiled with milk (standing around 1 / 2 hour).
It is good to avoid bending of the head. On the contrary, more often make exercises with head back, left and right to maintain the elasticity of muscles, harmony and natural beauty of the face.

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