Do for yourself: Clothing for the chair

Spoiled cat’s claws or not the right style chair does not have to throw away; it should be easy to dress up. The best is to start with the simplest – a free cover.

Do for yourself  Clothing for the chair1

Clothing for the chair of the matter requires a high strength, so that neither glamorous nor fun organza not fit. Look for the upholstery fabric (with a sofa or chair on the label). Nevertheless, it is too dense, and even rubberized textiles also avoid, otherwise the suit will stand on a chair with a stake.

Our advice: buy a dress rehearsal for the thin fabric, such as lining. Cut out, sew seams outwards, adjust “the figure” cut all unnecessary, then embroidered, and use as a pattern to the underlying tissue.
Do for yourself  Clothing for the chair
    Mortgage and cream tuck in the upper corners of Trans back, not to carve out a separate item for the sidewall. Try back in a chair, and if necessary, adjust the stitch and tuck.
    Scope pin the front and sides of the skirt, stitch and two stitches.
    Scope details skirts and seats. Try on a chair, front seams should match exactly with the angles of the chair. Three stitch seam.
    Pin the front part back to the seat, and then to the side cuts of cloth skirts. All three have come together in a seamless single point.
    The cloth rear seat back so. To one of the side seams can be inserted in a zipper. Try a bag on a chair and check the width of the bottom bending. Make double hem seam hiding.
   Solid cover can be decorated, as you like. We just threw it on the mantle of coloured cloth, fastening it with Velcro. Scraps of the same fabric to frame and used in the design of the walls.

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