Decorating with wallpaper brings sensuality to the interior

Decorating with wallpaper brings sensuality to the interiorToday there are thousands of opportunities for mixing and matching the appropriate wallpapers, decorated in a fun way – easy and fast. To change the color of the walls in your home is as simple as to change your old wardrobe.

No longer necessarily, the color of the walls in any room is the same as they did our grandmothers. Now you can choose one color on top, darker below and frieze in the middle to separate them with finesse. You can even use three walls of the same wallpaper, and the last wall to emphasize different wallpaper. Putting wallpaper on the ceiling even has the latest fashion trends.

Friezes, they have so many different colors and shapes that can be used in thousands of ways. Put them in a different horizontal level of the wall or doorframes and windows, pair them with decoration textiles, trim a small part of them and decorate furniture and doors with them. On the frieze, above and below it can be emphasized with additional architectural elements from the wall.

Ceiling, and now it is a separate focus of decoration. Now not all ceilings are painted white. A frieze to create an unusual interest can surround his whole perimeter. A place where the chandelier is attached to produce special decorative wallpaper. With backgrounds in the form of round pendant, you can decorate a unique, fun way your ceiling, and get different shapes.

For corners, you can also think of a suitable design – more easily able to combine different colors of the walls with a common corner or to terminate them with diagonal shading. Decorating with wallpaper has a very long history, beginning in the Renaissance when it was still rare and expensive way to decorate the walls. The wallpaper in the past is not produced in rolls and is hand painted on large pieces of paper. Only in 1840 made his debut first machine for the production of wallpaper in the U.S… The new industry has developed very quickly and adapt to the taste of each individual.

It is believed that the wallpaper was a way of decorating of the highest class. Therefore, even wrong walls processed in such a way that can be pasted wallpaper on them. Many people even waited a year to dry the walls of newly constructed their homes; they can put wallpaper firmly in place.

Those who could not afford wallpaper, the walls decorated with various ornaments and colored shapes with paint. Many people today believe that this type of painting is preceded wallpaper and try to restore the original paint.

In 20th century wallpaper, design became more artistic. In the 20s has become very popular wallpaper, which was a huge painting of various scenes. Today they call them murals. Then a favorite scene was the one from the American Revolution and European castles, unlike today’s landscapes.

Today, the variety of wallpapers on the market is extremely rich. Moreover, their qualities are selected so that you can even inside the walls and the bathroom with waterproof models.

Of all the decorative elements, only wallpaper can bring so much wealth in traditional interior. Enjoy a spectacular collection of wallpapers Furniture Italy forbedroom.

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