Decor in black and white

Decor in black and whiteWant to give your family a surprise – arrange a family dinner “is about …” with an unusual table setting.
Experiment with the colour palette. For example, choose a classic black and white.

Black and white it is the perfect combination, great for extravagant decor table.
Black – elegant and austere, white is associated with purity and perfection. It is a bold, but very elegant choice.

In this colour, tableware can be of any kind of style – from classical to romantic.
If you work a little at the idea of ​​clearance, the details of appointments, to choose the menu – you will surely achieve the necessary atmosphere of dinner.

Of course, the tone in the design of the table always sets the dishes.
Tablecloth, napkins, cutlery matched exactly to it.
Dishes in black and white graphics will emphasize. Nevertheless, a clear line of dishes and plates can be mitigated by drawing smooth lines on textiles of the same colour palette.

Do not forget about such important accessories like candles and napkin rings.
Pick and other decorative items can highlight the selected your style.
It may be artificial flowers, unusual decorative coasters, lamps.
These additions will complete the overall picture very well.

In the photo is very beautiful version of the black and white decor of the autumn table of Stone Gable.
This is another successful lying of its collection.

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