Deco furniture mosaic

Old furniture can be upgraded, and new decorating, applying the technique of decorating – “mosaic”.
This furniture is ideal for the interior, if the right to choose the colour of ceramic tile.
To work, we will needDeco furniture mosaic

• a few tiles of various colour s (suitable colour)
• synthetic glue
• hammer
• spatula
• Water-based varnish.Deco furniture mosaic 1

Prepare everything you need:

1. When you cleaning the surface at the point where we glue the mosaic (remove dust and degreasing).
The masking tape you can paste over the perimeter, to protect the places that are not going to decorate.
Ceramic tiles with a hammer break into small pieces. This should be done with the “wrong side” in order not to damage the glossy surface. Shards of thoroughly clean the sand and dust.
2. We select the optimal location of the fragments, using his wild imagination; decompose the desired pattern on the surface. Deco furniture mosaic 2
3. With the help of synthetic glue pieces of tile, give dry glue.
4. Once the glue dries, you can use grout for ceramic tile and paint scrapers fill the gaps between the pieces of the mosaic. Wait for the grout to dry.
5. With half wet the surface with a damp cloth remove excess grout.
6. Gaps between pieces of cover, water-based varnish suitable shadeDeco furniture mosaic 3

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