Cushions of natural fabrics

Cushions of natural fabricsCotton, linen, wool and flannel neutral tones are the favourite cloth interior designers.
White and pale cream, beige, brown, and pale yellows, shades of grey and green – this palette of natural colour s can be successfully used to airbags in the ecological style and country.
They will also be good for the minimalist interior.

Linen and cotton are natural hues perfectly complement the style of a city apartment and go particularly well with the atmosphere of a country house.
These materials are beautiful, environmentally friendly, convenient, practical and very inexpensive.
After just a few minutes from old bed, sheets to create makeshift cover for the chair.
In addition, to complete the image would only need a couple of bags of fine linen.

Lovers make soft interior accessories may want to experiment with a variety of finishes.
Two cushions of cloth of one colour, but with different finishes will be quite different from each other out.
The trimming braids, twisted cord edging, a beautiful fringe, here how it can complement and emphasize the nobility of natural fabrics.
If you manage to choose a finish that will blend with fabric cushions, will fit into its shape, and will highlight the nature of fabric – the result will please his grace.

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