Curtains tips

Curtains tipsWindow decoration is not an easy task.
It is difficult to navigate in all wisdoms of styles, a huge choice of fabrics, and a large number of designs (from simple curtains with ruffles curtains, to complex with lambrequins).

Top popular types of blinds:

1. Roman blinds in which the leaf tissue is divided into sections of equal size. In each such section sewed horizontal bars. Roman blinds go up the same way as the blinds. They sew as a dense and with fine fabrics.
2. Screen or panel curtains – the Japanese. This is somewhat flat blades, top and bottoms which are rigid inserts. In one box, Japanese curtains can be made of fabric in several colour s.
3. Another version of the Australian curtain (like Rome, but without the hard planks, this is where the cascade down smooth wrinkles), thus they will look well on the small windows.
4. These are curtains with lambrequins (pelmet, in a separate part of the curtain, which is located just under the eaves). They come in soft and hard form. The rigid form is lambrequin – Banda (wood panels, upholstered).

A few tips to help choose the right model of curtains:

1. Determine the window size, proportions of the room, the degree of illumination, the style and palette of the interior.
2. For properly measure the window required is necessary a drawing on paper.
Note the protrusions, vents, balcony doors, and radiators to choose the optimal style of curtains.
3. Do not forget to take into account the type of walls and the presence of electrical wiring to install eave not to fall into the voids and not to touch the wires.
4. You can be sure to calculate the weight of the model and select the appropriate type of cornice.
5. Fabrics for curtains should be combined with the colour of the upholstery, and may differ from it by 1-3 shades. A pattern on the curtains should keep drawing on the carpets and upholstery.
6. Try to combine different styles of curtains, for example, fabric roller blinds, and pelmets are perfectly combined with many styles of blinds.
7. It is necessary you correctly choose the texture of the fabric – for a bedroom suit natural fabrics silk, cotton, or linen. For the living room, you can choose heavier fabrics – tapestry, velvet, etc.

You would think that most here cannot cope? Entrust embodiment of the designers.
However, if you have the skills and the ability to sew – sew curtains worth a try yourself.

The easiest way is to sew simple curtains. They can accommodate a variety of interiors.

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