Cozy living room

Cozy living roomCozy solution for small-sized apartments will be a round table in the living room, behind which is placed a lot more people than for the same size square. It can beautify and draped with soft, flowing fabrics in knots, and simple, rustic-style embroidered on the tablecloths.

Calm, laconic can give flat shelf in the living room, set along the wall at an angle. Where you can place imported from distant wanderings souvenirs, minerals, and shells, pleasant and memorable stuff?

Keep them to the shelves in the living room. These items are trendy and stylish interiors, which seem at first glance a little lightheaded, have proven to be simple in design and feature-rich for other purposes. Agree, shame to lose a non-engaged portion space, especially when there is a need to place a large number of books, figurines, gifts, etc. We organize residential space around the door. To do this, prepare to build shelves from floor to ceiling, full size wall repeating at a depth of 40-50 cm, and divide them into several sections. You can use this type of construction and as light walls in the living room, nursery. Then on the shelves can be set to make a mystery and enigma in one section of the aquarium.

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