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Closet Design Ideas

Closet fills the entire space from floor to ceiling, allowing the most efficient use of interior space furniture, making it the most functional and useful.
Closets fit into any room layout, hiding any opening, any architectural excess, or deficiency. Standard parts from which they are designed, collected from the customer in a ready wardrobe. The main pre-property technology used is the possibility of fitting the parts under the required size on site, making it an absolute accuracy to take into account all the nuances of the opening: the curvature of the floor, ceiling, wall roughness, etc. Closets 1

Such enclosures may not have the upper lid, the rear wall. The cabinet may “lose” and one side panel without compromising strength and solidity of construction.
This is a variety of combinations of the panel, mirror, and glass doors. The doors can be moved on special rails and it can be folded as if a book and swing open the traditional way. Closets 2

For the manufacture of wardrobes used high quality, environmentally friendly and safe materials. Mirrors of them can be covered with special film reinforcing security, thanks to a broken mirror, which is safe for the environment. Closets 3

For doors, side panels, shelves, wardrobe can be used laminated or laminated chipboard. 

Laminated chipboard paper is coated, impregnated with melamine resins with the addition, manufactured by hot pressing. It is formed during the cooling plate surface such as plastic, resistant to abrasion, moisture, and corrosion.Closets 4

Laminated chipboard lined with special paper, impregnated with varnish. For gluing paper, adhesives used type two. Door leaf is usually enclosed in a special frame (profile) of galvanized steel. The inside of the frame tightly clamps the fabric and serves as a door stiffeners and support mechanisms for gliding.

Doors can also be equipped with dampers, dust and shock resistance brushes. Closets 5

Sliding mechanism: the bottom – plastic wheels on bearings in a metal case, thus increasing the operating life, the upper – plate springs in a metal case. The metal case is the wheel tightening element framework. Lower wheels are fitted with mechanism – a flag.

Mirrors can be silver or bronze tinted. Mirrored doors are equipped with the same panel doors. There may be a mirror with hidden frames, creating the effect of a continuous wall mirror. Closets 6

Door coupe moved on special rails (tracks) in relation to one another. The lower guide track – supporting, upper – support, providing the correct position of the door and its direction of motion. At the top rail is an installed closet door lock to lock. 

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