Choosing bathroom fixtures for the bathroom

Choosing bathroom fixtures for the bathroomHere everything must comply with the size of the room. Bath size 150 75 cm useful not for everyone, so it is the best to buy a bath length 170 cm, when the minimum size of one of the walls in the bathroom 173 cm.

To bathroom looked nice, the front side of the bath can be repaired with further brick tiling, painting. It’s nice that now the choice is quite different and the bathrooms are not limited.

If the bathroom has only shower pan, it is desirable to place it in a niche or to protect the rest of the room with watertight bulkheads, which can be transparent.

As for materials for decoration, the preference are to glazed ceramic tile.This prevents the walls from the damaging effects of moisture and makes it easier to maintain cleanliness. Often is used in the bathroom and washable. Their colors can be very diverse, including the contrast. Looks impressive bathroom, resolved in dark colors. Exquisite bathroom, decorated with natural stone.

When choosing an apartment project, note the location of the bathroom, it should be as close to the bedroom. If you have a small room (perhaps a pantry), an area of ​​05.04 sq. with good ventilation, it is a good fit for washing and drying laundry. It is desirable that it was out of the loggia. This room is equipped with a stove, sink, washing and ironing machines, table, and it can be used for a variety of chores. If necessary, it can be combined with a bath.

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