Children: convenience and functionality

convenience and functionalityChildren: convenience and functionality if there is a child come to this with full responsibility. Need to allocate space for a cot, a changing table, and locker. A wide choice of furniture for babies can get bed-rocking chair-beds, with a flap for swaddling, bath with various devices, etc.

Small child is enough corners, but the older, a separate room.

For the baby, who had already begun to walk the whole of his environment is a subject of interest and amusement. With this in mind, create unique pieces of baby furniture small size, cubes and boxes from which you can build a figure, a house or a train, cabinet doors, which can serve as a board for drawing with crayons and markers.

A child should always be space for games, so the children’s rooms are recommended to set bunk beds. They allow more efficient using of space, as open spaces for games and entertainment. It should be remembered that the hygienic device of beds in two tiers, is permitted only when above the upper bed is free height of not less than 1.1 m to ensure sufficient air access to the sleeping baby.

Even in a room for a baby, bed can be made on the dais, and the space under it to use for games or recreation unit desk, drawer cabinets, storage of toys, then part of the space will be saved. It is important that furniture for children’s clothes were simple and available to use. For this purpose are the most suitable roomy drawers that retracts under the bed or installed in a cabinet. Open shelves are uncomfortable with them constantly falling and toys are always a mess.

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