Ceiling Design

Ceiling Design 12Mounted a ceiling is quite simple: by using dowel nails fastened metal frame of bent sections at intervals of 60 cm, the plane of the frame is aligned with a set of pads, then set high profiles at intervals of 50 (60) cm and secured at the joints with metal screws. Further, under sections put plasterboard sheet and attached with self-tapping screws at intervals of 20 cm

To create the illusion of a perfectly smooth surface of the plasterboard ceiling on the glued seams, and then her trowel, glue fiberglass and paint over latex paint 2-3 coats. The disadvantage of this material is the possibility of cracking and precipitation structure. Distinguish normal and water-resistant gypsum board that is ideal for wet rooms (bathrooms whether swimming pools). The price is an average of 250 Dollars per sheet (3 m). In the calculation of the material must be added 10% of the total area of ​​the room.

Suspended ceiling: First, practical
If you urgently before there was a question decor ceiling surface areas with a large area (e.g., office), then a better option than a cassette ceiling and cannot come up. It is part of the suspension, and is so called because of the peculiarities of attachment: a metal frame system attached to the ceiling to the base, “suspended” in her cell with decorative plates (trays) of mineral wool, glass or metal. Surface is varied colours and texture (smooth, textured or embossed). In today’s market, there are plates that bear a variety of functional load, such as antishock, reflective, waterproof and stain-resistant even.

The most popular option for public buildings is a cassette acoustic ceiling. It has good sound absorption, is highly flexible and fireproof. Thanks to these qualities, his range is very wide use – from music studios to the pool. Despite similar to drywall fastening system (frame structure and panels) it is a significant difference – the ceilings do not crack and does not require additional masking finishes – on the front surface ceiling tiles decorative coating applied after the installation of suspended ceilings is ready.

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