Ceiling Design – Stretch ceilings

Stretch ceilingsStretch ceilings are flame retardant, emit no pollutants and are suitable even allergies, they do not settle the condensate (which makes them ideal for rooms with high humidity), durable (lifetime is 15 years old), in addition, they are undemanding in care – enough to walk on the surface of the sponge with dish detergent.

The undoubted advantage of this coverage is the richness of its texture, among which the most popular – glossy, matte, imitating wood and mirrors, velvet, suede, satin finish. Not lagging behind, and colour palette: There are over 200 shares for every taste. If you do not want to contemplate a one-color “sky”, you can choose from the ceiling or place photo printing on canvas reproductions of your favourite pictures. Stretch ceilings suit all types of lamps, except halogen lamps, as they heat up, and cloth material polyvinyl thermo sensitive. No, it does not light, but that could easily melt. In addition, this is perhaps its only drawback.

It should be remembered that the design could be installed only after the rough work. There are two types of suspended ceilings – seam and seamless. While the first film consists of several segments, held together by a special device, it is made of seamless bands of larger size. Prices for paintings range from + installation is 400-800 euro / sq. (Matte white Russian-made) 650-1350 to rub / sq. (France, Germany). Ceiling with photo printing and graphics will cost more – 800-1350 Euro / sq.

Special mention deserves the attribute of advanced technologies such as ceiling with a starry sky. It is created based on fibre-optic strands and a special filter on a rotating basis. With different filters in the light source effects, arise flicker and play of colours. In a conventional colour filter provided, as a rule, four colours, but allow the use of special filters and 32 colours. This technology eliminates the presence of wiring, since it uses only fibre-optic cable. Shorts and other troubles associated with electricity you will not get any.

In short, gone are the days when every flat roof showed white uniform and many were not even aware that he may have any alternative. Today, an abundance of decorative materials for the device ceiling coverings can realize the most daring and fantastic designs and create your own home or office in a unique situation.

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