Black and white kitchen design

Black and white kitchen designKitchen in black and white

Hit nineties in the design of the kitchen was white. Were white walls, floors, ceilings, decorations and equipment? However, this style very quickly ceased to be popular, which in general is not surprising … the change came more enjoyable and less original black and white kitchen design.
If you decide to change the situation in the kitchen and are prepared to spend any amount not rushes. Red, green or blue furniture will be modern and only a while, but then again you have to hunt design trends for not far behind current trends.
It is possible that black and white kitchen is ideal for long-term investments. Because these two colors are considered classic and modern classic will be at all times: and after a year, and after ten years … With the right combination of only two colors, the room may appear larger than it actually is. Particular attention please, if you have a mass of black. You should keep in mind two basic rules.
• Buy a black mass only if your kitchen has enough space.
• The floor and walls must be light.
If you follow these two axioms, the result is virtually perfect nutritionally balancing any colors.
Remember that capture with classic colors; you should be very careful and accurate. If you are not sure their forces, the interior designer for hire.

If you decided to furnish your kitchen in gray, this is a very responsible and easy step. If something were not planned properly, the room would get very boring and bleak. So everything should be considered preliminary. Nevertheless, if you are determined at any cost to use your favorite color, it is not impossible. The thing is that it is in this room we spend most of their time. How good is the kitchen is so nice and our mood.
The gray color can be an excellent fit in the interior of the kitchen, designed in minimalist style. Opaque panels in combination with stainless steel accessories will look amazing. You probably use the word “futuristic”, how do you think? In gray kitchen should be placed bright accents, contrasting with the background – for example, lamps… This will brighten somewhat fine, but “cold” food. Still, not is bad to add one – two bright accessories.

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