Bedroom interior – A soft pillows for your favourite bed

Bedroom interior - A soft pillows for your favourite bedYou really want to update the interior of a bedroom, and the ability to buy new furniture yet.
There is a sure-fire way to turn an ordinary bedroom into a small luxury bedchamber in just one day!
You just have to make a new head with his hands to the bed.

You will need quite a bit of materials, imagination, and sense of style.
For creative people is an opportunity to express their individuality and their own taste to decorate your favourite bed.

There are many variants of the bedside head of the bed with his hands.
In this issue we consider is the easiest way to upgrade performance in bed – soft pillow with textured surface.

For this purpose, you will need:

– chipboard or plywood (not thicker than 1 cm)
– foam thickness greater than 3 cm (the thicker the foam to be raised headboard)
– Fabric for drapes or stitched (size headboard + 10 cm)
– Tools – stapler with staples, adhesive and screws Melt
– Decoration – buttons, beads, stones, etc.

1. Determined by the size and shape of the future head of the bed.
2. Chipboard or plywood, which is sawed basis.
3. By the size of cut out foam foundation, and connected to the DSP, glue around the perimeter.
4. Foam from the top stretch fabric, crooking her and sealed the back of the stapler.
5. To give relief flat surface, in the planned location for example through the fabric and foam, screw the screws.
6. At the request of the cap screws harvested can mask decorated by gluing its elements melt?

It remains ready to attach a headboard to a bed or a wall.

Here are a few important details.
Before you start – well thought out form of the head, colour, and texture of fabrics for upholstery, to head the new harmoniously blended in the style of your bedroom.

If you want to arrange a bed in a romantic style – make a drape of delicate velvet, fabric colour s (of course, in the colour palette as the rest of your bedroom) and decorated it with artificial roses or butterflies.

Interior of the squares of different fabrics in the style of “patchwork” are suitable for a bedroom in the style of “country”.

If you need to maintain the classic style bedrooms then note the headboard whit high-quality decorative cloth (or artificial skin) and make a frame around the perimeter of a shaped wooden frame (width about 12 cm).

Another important point – be sure to choose a new head of the bed cover for a new bed.
It will not hurt and a couple of decorative pillows in the same colours.
Only then can you get stylish organic interior of the bedroom.

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