Bamboo houses

Bamboo housesWe all know that bamboo – is a high herbaceous plant with a hollow inside the stem, like a tree that has a smooth, glossy surface.

Furniture made of bamboo – a stylish and at the same time a simple, lightweight, and aesthetically deserved demand.
She looks great in any room of the house, is widely used for decorating the rooms, porches and terraces in the open air. To her and wants to touch, to feel the smoothness of natural material …

Of bamboo, but elegant furniture, make a lot of fine home accessories.
It is widely used for decoration.

Bamboo houses 3
Blinds, rugs, curtains, lamps, panels, flooring – this is an incomplete list of bamboo wood.
Because of the natural colour and natural sound of the natural structure, bamboo is very practical in everyday life.
Bamboo houses 1
You can easily change the colour of wood; as well, natural bamboo
toned any stains, and is covered by any varnish.
The wood is not that, which would compare with bamboo for its durability, resistance to temperature and humidity durability. In addition, it is environmentally friendly, since bamboo grows in places that are not polluted by human activities. Bamboo houses 7

Bamboo furniture, accessories, and trim will bring a fresh touch to the interior it will be a highlight. They easily fit into any style. In addition, certainly create a comfortable atmosphere in your home.


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