Attic design

Attic designAttic – a wonderful part of any home or apartment. There are many airs; there is no dull and strict geometry in its cubic volume of modern living. Poetry lofts, closeness to nature and open air produce an extraordinary atmosphere for its comfort. Sung by many poets, artists, writers, and they remain today modern and favourite places an apartment or house. Homeland attic is a brilliant Paris.

The idea to use the attic space for living has has come from Francois Mansart French architect, a representative of classic architecture in the middle of XVII century. First, these premises were used as servants, the poor and urban loft was chosen by the students and the local bohemians. For a long time remained a part of the attic in Paris, as part of local colour. Together, with classicism attic, along with the attic, and spread in Russia as a shelter mainly for servants, students and military personnel stationed.

In the XX century are widely distributed in the attic as the architecture of the city and the countryside. The maximum interest in Europe to the attic came at the end of World War II, when there is a problem of refugee resettlement. The invention of skylights to allow the device directly into the plane of the roof has made life in the new lofts “breath”. Opportunity to look through the windows at night, lying on the couch and watch the falling leaves, stars, etc. gave new impetus to the further development of the construction of lofts, including as an add to the already existing buildings.

Attic may be considered a “floor (floor) in the attic space, the facade of which is wholly or partially formed surface (s) or oblique sloping roof, with a line crossing the plane of the roof and the facade has to be at a height of 1.5 m above the floor mansard floor “(SNIP). It is desirable that the minimum height of at least one of the vertical walls was at least 1.4 meters, which would allow a person to sit around not on a chair; otherwise, it may simply be operated by an attic. When designing lofts for seasonal living they should be isolated to add the cold season.
Attics can combine new construction with the existing appearance of the historic settlement. Due to them can significantly improve the quality of the housing stock of an existing building is not entirely successful. These floors of the building can be very delicate architectural element. They not violate the prevailing image of the historic core of the city, and can be very pretentious, completely change the look of the building, if you are reconstruction of the whole neighbourhood, or a building is constructed in the existing urban setting, or form a completely new solution in new building. These add-ons can be a single-stage and multistage.