Attic design

atticInteriors can be very diverse, and spectacular solutions can be accessed with a minimal amount of furniture just by using structural elements, finishes, suspended ceilings.
For sloping roof, attic window used a special design – dormers. Manufacturing technology of roof windows much more complicated than the way the production of conventional windows, so it has a high technical standard. Stairs to the attic can be can be very different in shape, width, constructive solutions, finishing, etc.

External connecting the floor to the houses adjoining the site, interior, and interior design

The outdoor stairs and appropriate design in the small houses for seasonal residence are designed in order to organize access to the attic space. Too steep stairs may be on the stage of “duck-step”, which allow organizing a more comfortable recovery with a minimum area occupied by the stairs. Pi designing stairs; be aware that the minimum height from stage floor to the bottom of structures, including the ceiling, trim, etc., must be at least 1.8 m is allowed inside apartment stairs bearing in attic floors to ceiling. All elements of the ladder must be of not flammable materials or, or treated with flame-retardants relevant drugs.

Due to the attic, you can use solar energy to life at home and its inhabitants. Plane, oriented to the southwest, south, southeast, well perceive solar radiation. The windows provide an excellent opportunity to use passive solar heat. On the roof of inclined planes can be placed for collector to active perception of radiation. The mirror surface of the collector is in perfectly blended in with the glass windows. In the reconstruction of the building can be arranged in the attic space if height allows space. For ease of use, it is desirable to have a minimum area of ​​approximately 50% of floor area with a height of not less than 2.2 m. All the remaining space can be used for sleeping space, a niche for jobs or desks, and various interior design solutions, etc.

The most useful device to carry out attics in existing houses with full or partial replacement of the roof. Replacement of the roof can also be combined with your attic. In this case, we can immediately solve the problem of how to replace the roof, and insulation of the main volume of the house. If necessary, a larger increase in floor area may bunk loft unit. In the lower tier in these lofts, at least one wall should be inclined or nearly vertical with a width of 12.11 m. The hull and the desired ceiling height must be of at least 2.5 m.

The greatest difficulty in designing two-story loft is in the device additional fire exits. You can use the balcony, vertical exterior metal stairs or ladders, hatches, deck, equipped with in floor slabs. When combining different volumes, such as, for example, house and garage with different heights, all under one roof formed duplex penthouse loft or attic and the exploited. Two-tiered design allows personalizing the apartment building.

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