Architectural styles of country houses

Architectural styles of country housesIt took time, cold and sharp hi-tech – today and for a long time to be fashionable cozy home. Nobody can decide for you what exactly will his face, but in order to “specifically instructed by the people” could help bring in stone and glass, wood and tile your dream, is to get acquainted with what can happen if you choose one or the different architectural style for your cottage home. Will it be something classic, contemporary or completely copyright, as long as you have achieved because of a deep sense of satisfaction.

Can solve the problem is somewhat simpler. Today, most developers, the planning of new suburban houses initially develop the architectural concept of the village. This may be one style or the direction of a compilation of several similar or giving a new aesthetic solution. Virtually the entire town real estate today – and cottages offered for sale, and houses erected by private developers – is a mixture of elements and different styles of architecture. This is due to the wealth of information about construction and the desire of man to make your home an individual to stand out from the crowd. However, stylistic compatibility in building a country house should be preserved, since adherence to the principle of “more piles and styles, the better” is most often only shows their lack of aesthetic taste of the owner. Currently, most owners of country houses selected two architectural styles: the “classic” and contemporary “chalet.”

There are also many other architectural styles – a “country”, “constructivism”, “modern”, “Venetian”. In addition, there is a category of country houses, embodying fantasies of their owners and are not related to any of the styles. Who likes that? Sometimes, in order to determine the architectural style for his country house, the future owner has to learn a huge amount of specialized literature, read with lots of finished projects. However, there is an easier way: just go to a professional architect.

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