Architectural styles of country houses – the last trends

Architectural styles of country houses - the last trendsIn the landscaping near the house in Art Nouveau style should follow the principle of harmony of design space around the house and fence lines, even with the proportions of the architectural appearance of the building. All metal parts – forged fence, lights, grills, all garden buildings, small landscape forms, made of natural stone facade elements and other details need to be made in one style and are in the composite interaction with each other. Modern advocate’s individuality, like a century ago, modern house in this style provides comfort, warmth and bright, memorable architecture. Implementation of the project of a cottage in a modernist style requires the architect and the customer’s creativity and ability perception of familiar things custom.

Country house in the chateau-style

Large shapes and massive walls, on which almost no decorations, characterize the castle type of country house in the Romanesque style. In the country houses of this style is no architectural excesses, a noble simplicity gives the impression of monumentality and stability. For the decoration inside the house can be used mosaics and wall paintings. Castle type cottage in the Gothic style – is, above all, high walls and vertical arches, determination and a lot of light up, hence the multi-colored stained glass windows, large windows and large spaces. In the gothic and sublime lyricism intertwined spirituality. Currently, this architectural trend in the construction of town houses is used infrequently.

Castle type of country house in the Renaissance style is characterized by simplicity of form, space in this house is rational, and it is clearly limited visually. Rectangular shape has priority here. A characteristic feature of the castle in Renaissance style courtyard is open arcades. Holiday homes in the Renaissance style will suit people who value the beauty and diversity of the natural environment, those who are accustomed to pay much attention to the individual characteristics of each subject.

Architectural originality country house in the Baroque style – the style embodied splendor, even fussy, a blend of reality and illusion – is implemented in straight lines with convex and concave shapes, intense and dynamic. Bright colors, rich play of light and shade, plenty of gilding on the facades, a lot of twisted columns and spirals – all features of the Baroque, allowing to realize the most intricate fantasy owner’s home. However, the Baroque – one of the most valued of terms of art history, one of the interpretations of which – the critical stage of development of other styles. All this should be borne in mind if you decide to build a country house type in the Baroque style.

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