Architectural styles of country houses

country houseCountry house in modern style
House – is not only a building with a roof, a home that reflects the inner world and the social status of the host. It is suffices to look at the magazine for the construction site or at a specialized firm and you will find a lot of finished projects of country houses and descriptions of various architectural forms. Nevertheless, this variety and diversity may eventually mislead people who start to build. So many turn to the architect, who will develop the project country house with all the wishes and financial possibilities of the future owner of the home and, above all, help you choose the style of the house, the appropriate identity of the customer.

In planning the architectural style of the modern town houses, many architects look to the building traditions of the past with his impeccable proportions and internal harmony. Today among modern styles, or as it is called the «Art-nouveau» is not the last place. What kind of style and what it characterized? Nouveau style appeared in the late XIX – early XX century. «Modern», translated from Latin means – new and modern. The creators of this style have made it the best achievements of the past and the most sophisticated ideas of his time.

Modern architecture in demand now, because this style, which proclaimed its manifesto, “the harmony of good and beauty,” – one of the synthetic in the transmission of forms and harmonious style. Some easily recognizable features of modernity are a smooth, flowing into each other’s lines, repeating the perfect natural plant form. Modern architecture is able to transform every building into a work of art that attracts attention with unusual shapes and original decor. The lines of the ornament to spin – and break off, planning difficult for the internal organization of space is characterized by many turns, ups and downs. Exterior of the house combines the ease and agility of the total composition with elegance and beauty of the individual parts of curved shapes.

The modern Art Nouveau style is well suited for country houses, because here the architect’s imagination goes beyond the narrow confines of an urban apartment: a unique construction provides virtually unlimited opportunities for creating projects like the most daring in the planning and composition, as well as in the design and decoration. Country house in Art Nouveau style – is an ensemble that combines the right set of expressive means. Fluid forms a smooth curve and the characteristic decoration in the form of scrolls and twisted lines form a common harmonious composition, in addition, a significant role in the expressive style of play facing materials. If it is ceramic tile, it should be with the characteristic patterns: geometric or drawing spirals and tendrils, a successful feature of the style can be a tile or tile mural on the central front.


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