Amazing transformation bathroom interior

  Amazing transformation bathroom interior

Looking at glossy magazines, which posted examples of possible solutions to the interior of bathrooms, we see a huge room. They put a Jacuzzi, a couch for relaxing and a simulator.

But in real life everything is absolutely not true. Small-sized bathrooms, four or five square meters. In such a room barely fits a standard bath and sink. In addition, when it comes to installing additional cabinets or racks for a variety of accessories, there will be some difficulties.

Contact a design can save the situation, and your tiny bathroom becomes very nice in a corner, preserving their functional properties. The first question addressed planning. Often, it cannot be changed because of tight binding plumbing fixtures to a pipe sewer. However, there is a way out. For example, the riser can sheathe a beautiful material and hide it in box tank toilets.

A good trick is to use light barriers that separate the room into zones. Barriers may play a role, and furniture, while addressing the problem of storing all sorts of little things. In a small bathroom, look very advantageous in corner shower with glass doors. This option allows you to save space. Today, manufacturers offer a huge selection of plumbing custom plumbing. For example, a washbasin on a hinge, which can be easily turned in any direction?

As for the walls, it is important to choose the right tile. If the room is small, it is not recommended to use dark colors, it is better to stay on transparent or light-colored materials, as they are visually expand the space. Visually increases room tile, laid diagonally. Lighting also plays a big role. Usually installed spotlights in the ceiling and make sure the additional lamp near the mirror.

All furniture should be as functional and to combine multiple appointments. Interesting solution – shelving and light metal racks from the grid. He does not clutter the space and creates a feeling of space. Of course, it is the mirror. It allows you visually expand a room, making it lighter. Mirror can be mounted on the wall just as well save the space can be, if the mirror will serve as a hinged door cabinet.

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