All You Need To Know About Improving Vertical Jump

All You Need To Know About Improving Vertical JumpIf you want to improve your vertical jump the first thing you should do is buying comfortable shoes. You can’t practice when you have to put on a pair of jeans and sneakers. You’d better get a pair of jump soles which have a special area for the toes which forces the calf to work better and to jump  higher. Make sure jump soles are comfortable enough and then do the exercises. You have to sprint ten yards and after that walk ten yards. Make three sessions and take one minute break.

It is very helpful when you jump on one leg 10 – 15 times and after that change the leg. Also, you have to go jogging every day and you have to run at least two miles a day. You will burn fat, look fantastic and you will build strong muscles on your legs and hips. The more weight you lose, the higher jumps you will make. You should not try to lose to much weight, you need to get rid of surplus fat so it will be easier for you to jump. Also, you should stay on a healthy diet – avoid eating too much bread and pork meat. The only meet you have to eat is fish and chicken. They are white – meat rich in protein and are very healthy. Red meat is also healthy but if you eat too much you will put on weight quickly. So, try to limit the intake of red meat to one portion a week. You have to eat fresh fruit and vegetables  every day – apples are preferred to bananas. You have to drink much water – about 2 l per day. Quit drinking fizzy drinks and sodas. You may drink orange juice but it is better to drink only water.

When you go out for a walk, put weights on your ankles in order to make muscles. Wear them every day, everywhere you go. The maximum weight you should wear is one pound.  In addition to that do deep knee builds in order to have stronger muscles in the upper legs. Do this exercise from twenty to thirty times. If you have had problems with your knees in the past, don’t make deep knee bends. You may just sit down and stand up for forty times.

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