Aerobics For Having A Perfect Body

Aerobics For Having A Perfect Body60 minutes aerobic exercise suppresses appetite more than 90 minutes of weightlifting. The reason lies in the release of two hormones – ghrelin and peptide.The benefits of aerobic exercise are not limited to appetite reduction and removal of extra pounds. This type of physical activity has beneficial effects on the body.

Before starting any form of aerobic exercise,  make a consultation with a doctor, if you have specific health problem. The doctor has to make a diagnose ofthe current state of the patient and make recommendations when and what type of exercises are appropriate for the practice, taking into account factors such as age, weight, frame of mind and more. If a person is overweight, your doctor may suggest a mild form of aerobic exercise. If you have normal weight, the doctor will check other vital body functions, before recommending moderate to intense aerobic exercise.

Here are some concrete benefits from practicing aerobics:

Regular aerobic exercise reduces health risks – diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and prevention of osteoporosis and degenerative bone diseases.

Aerobics helps develop cardiovascular endurance, while training the muscles of the body. Practicing this type of exercise is beneficial for joints, lungs, circulatory, and mental health.

This form of exercise makes us more resilient and energetic, and tightens, tones and shapes the body. According to medical research, regular aerobic activity increases production of endorphins, hormones of happiness, which elevates mood and makes us less anxious or depressed. Regular practice of aerobic exercise gives us a sense of control which is positive mental attitude that help counteract stress.

Aerobics improves mental abilities of people who have memory problems, it became clear from the research of specialists from Columbia University in the U.S.. Exercise improves mental performance by helping to build new brain cells in parts of the brain associated with memory and its loss.

Step aerobics is aerobics in which movements are performed on a step platform. Step aerobics is more intense than aerobics. Step aerobics movements mimic upload and down stairs.

Step aerobics are practiced in groups, at the background of dynamic music and trainers prepare special choreography. Instructors in various fitness centers  improvise the way of practicing step aerobics. Some include elements of Eastern arts and Latin American dancing. Step aerobics has to practiced three times a week for one hour.

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