7 Things That Will Make You A More Successful Person

1. Try to fast one day every two weeks. During these days, drink fresh fruit juices and eat only fruit. You will see the results very soon – you will feelenergetic, refined and agile. Fasting has beneficial effect on your will because you ignore pinching impulses that make you eat more.

 7 Things That Will Make You A More Successful Person

2. Empty your cup. Full cup cannot collect more. Similarly, a person who thinks he/ she cannot learn anything more cluttered and does not develop further. True sign that a person is calm and mature is when in everything he/ she finds a possible chance to learn something new. Even teachers are teachers.

3. To improve your concentration, read a paragraph from a book which you have never opened. Then try to recite it in memory. Do this every day for five minutes and enjoy the results that you get in a month.

4. It has been proven that scents are a wonderful tool for relaxation. Scents have a remarkable effect on the thoughts and mood. Buy an essential oil from an orange extract or ginger. Place a few drops of the two oils in a glass of warm water and inhale the sweet smell for a few minutes. Leave the mixture to stand in the room where you are having a rest. You will be more peaceful and calm. Light aroma candle of apple that will freshens the air in the bedroom and will make your sleep more effective.

5. Do not accept books for personal development for blather. Read them and use all the ideas that you find useful. Some people think they have to do everything that is written there, and reach excesses in the use of the techniques. Each book has at least one useful strategy.

6. Read books in stead of watching TV. Most millionaires spend hours a day in reading books. You may do this thing not every day, but try to read one new book every month. That must be your minimum goal.

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7. Don’t be isolated – do not stay alone at home, watching TV or cleaning. Go out and meet new interesting people. Knowing ambitious and funny people is the best way to improve yourself and become a successful person.

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