6 Mistakes in Marriage That Could Lead to a Divorce

Mistakes in Marriage That Could Lead to a Divorce. Which are the most common mistakes in marriage that could ruin it and how to avoid them
These are the six most common reasons a happy marriage could end with a divorce according to psychologists. Divorce

1. Talking to almost everybody about the problems in the marriage.
Studies show that that can confuse you even more and you might not be able to sense what you yourself want to do. When you want to share with someone, let that be a close friend of yours or a relationship consultant.

2. Repeating the same over and over again while talking with your spouse.
If you have already discussed a certain matter and it did not resolve in the wanted change, repeating the same conversation over and over again will hardly lead to a different result. Quite the contrary – it could lead to creating some extra tension. Look for a better way to resolve the problem, try out new things and learn more about how to communicate with men. It differs from the way you communicate in a female company in which you can discuss the same over and over again.

3. The belief that the happiness in your marriage entirely depends on the change of your husband.
Contrary to the popular belief, studies show that when the woman focuses more on changing and improving herself, it leads to more happiness when it comes to relations with her partner.

4. You live a parallel life.

You should not live with your spouse as if he or she is your roommate without having anything in common or without sharing any interests. The balance between having enough personal space and closer is of greatest importance for keeping the spark in your marriage alive.

5. Focusing on the things you don’t like.
This usually happens when people start taking for granted the good features in their spouse that have attracted them in the beginning. Getting used to things that you used to admire is due to the lack of personal space between the two of you.

6. Using words, that demotivate your spouse.
“I am expecting you to…/ I expect you to…” Love is strong when doing something good for the other comes from our own desire for them to be happy because we appreciate them and not because we have to. Expectations do the exact opposite – they make the man or woman become passive and to alienate themselves from you.

So whatever you do, try to keep in mind that your spouse is the only person in the world you chose to be with and get married to, so do not be harsh or expecting of them. Try to keep the romance alive and maintain a happy married life.

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