5 Foods You Should Consume In Winter !!!

5 Foods You Should Consume In Winter
Foods You Should Consume In Winter.  Five foods which frequently consumed will empower your immune system during the winter season.

 As you see there are plenty of people around you suffering from flu and other variations of winter diseases. With a view to protecting our readers, we have gathered up five natural foods with some great curing features. The five foods listed here should be consumed frequently during the winter season, thus, you will avoid the flu and other similar conditions. Moreover, you will not invest your money in medicines and also will not torture your bodies with their side effects. Doesn’t it sound tempting?

1. Apples

Rich with vit.C and Calcium, apples come in the first lines of the healthiest foods. You have probably heard the popular American saying: An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Though people prefer red apples to green ones, as a matter of fact, the ones to eat are the green ones – they possess much more vit.C.

5 Foods You Should Consume In Winter


2. Carrots

The benefits of root vegetables are uncountably many. Practically, you can include them in everything you cook – from your salads to your soups. Carrots are the best friends of your eyes and also they decrease the risk of vascular diseases. Thanks to the great amount presence of beta-carotene in their cells they are rich with vit.A. If you wonder what it means – obtaining vit.A means healthier bone development, a safer and younger skin, and decreased risk percentage of cancer.

5 Foods You Should Consume In Winter


3. Radish
We must say that its leafs are at least as healthy as the main body of the vegetable. This vegetable will provide your body with pretty nice amounts of vit.C, vit.E, vit.B6 and B9. It retards the aging processes and probably this is one of the features which makes the vegetable quite popular and well-eaten.

5 Foods You Should Consume In Winter


4. Pumpkin

The pumpkin soup is one of the indispensable attractions of the winter dinners. What we could say about the pumpkin is that it resembles a warehouse of vit. A. Now you know what you should obtain this vitamin, so I won’t explain again. Apart from vit.A, it has a great coverage over many other vitamins and mineral which will become your strongest protection during the winter months.

5 Foods You Should Consume In Winter


5. Brussels Sprouts
Even though your children (and some adults, too) hate even hearing about the name of this vegetable, it turns out to be quite helpful. First of all, it is rich with iron. Secondly, it contains potassium and vit.K. Moreover, it is highly recommended by doctors and professors to be consumed during the winter season, of course, it is good to be consumed all year long. You may not like its taste, but probably you have already come to the conclusion that nothing tasty is healthy.

5 Foods You Should Consume In Winter

Brussels Sprouts

Beat the flu and have a healthy winter!
– Zachary R.

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