10 Unknown and Interesting Facts about People’s Best Friend – the Faithful Dog

Why dogs are the best pets a person can have or everything you need to know about dogs

  Interesting Facts about People’s Best Friend – the Faithful Dog

There isn’t an animal, more faithful to people than dogs. They have been with us for more than 30 thousand years. We take care of them, and in return, they love us and delight us. It seems to us that we know them so well that there is nothing more to learn about their lives and characteristics of their bodies. But it turns out there is many unknown facts about dogs. Here are some interesting facts about dogs that will undoubtedly surprise you.

 10 Unknown and Interesting Facts about People’s Best Friend – the Faithful Dog

1. Dogs can memorize hundreds of words.

An average dog can be trained as easily as a human baby. Also, the dog is able to remember from 200 to 500 words. That is why people say that the dog speaks a particular language and it will be difficult for it, if caught in another country, speaking a different language. Moreover, dogs can learn the basics of mathematics, for example, to learn to count or to arrange numbers in ascending or descending order.

2. Dogs can detect cancer and other diseases.

If someone has cancer, diabetes or epilepsy, his dog can first understand it. Studies show that dogs can be trained to detect cancer of certain organs such as the lung, skin, bladder, breast or prostate cancer. Scientists say that dogs can feel a slight smell of malignancies.pet gog

3. There are millionaires among the dogs

Some owners love their pets so much that sometimes even include them in their will. We’re all watching Garfield 2, Aristocats and successor (The Duke). In the US there are more than one million such heirs.

4. Dogs have sweaty paws

It turns out that the dogs sweat. Human sweat is removed from the sweat glands located throughout the body, while in dogs sweat glands are found only in the clutches. This can be seen most easily in the summer, when the footpads become moist and emit smell resembling popcorn or corn chips.

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5. Hounds are two times better known than others.

Hound is famous not only for being the fastest dog in the world running with the amazing 72 km / hour, but also for the fact that it is the only breed that is mentioned in the Bible.

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6. The body temperature of the dogs is higher than that of humans.

The average temperature of the dog varies from 38.3 to 39.4 ° C. The higher temperature of the body attracts fleas and ticks, which is the reason why dogs often suffer from their bites.

7. Pit bull is not a breed.

Many scientists actually say there is no such breed as Pitbull. This is a collective name for several breeds, namely – American pitbulterier, American Staffordshire terrier, Bull Terrier, American Mastiff, Bulldog and others.

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8. The noise of the rain damages canine ears.

Dogs do not like to go outside when it rains, not because they are afraid not to get wet, but also because the sound of rain can affect badly on their sensitive ears.

9. Footprint of canine nose is as unique as our unique fingerprints.

Prints of dog noses are unique and that is why they sometimes serve for animal identification, as fingerprints in humans are used to identify them. Forensics often use this characteristic to reveal the crimes of which involved dogs and their owners.

10. Saluki or Persian greyhound is the oldest known breed of man in the world.

Persian greyhound is considered the oldest dog breed in the world. In ancient Egypt this breed belonged to the royal family. Dogs treated with honor and even mummified them with their owners.

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