10 Tips to Parents With Sons (part 1)

Tips to Parents With Sons

Bringing up a well-mannered, reasonable and responsible child, despite its gender, is a huge challenge to parents. However, there are a lot of common beliefs that suggest that boys are wilder, more uncontrollable, and it is harder for parents to find a way through to them. Of course, this is not absolutely necessary for all children and depends on the personal approach and individuality. Despite everything, though, there are certain tricks in the process of bringing up a child that differ from boys to girls. If you have a boy at home, it is for the best if you mind these distinctions. And here is how you do it:
10 Tips to Parents With Sons
1. Give him responsibilities.
The ability to follow goals and completing given tasks is deeply set inside boys, and in order to improve their skills, it is advisable that you give your son certain responsibilities even during his childhood. Of course, when it comes to small children, we are talking about minor things – like “I is your responsibility to feed the fish, I am counting on you.” Each and every time you give your son a certain task or a responsibility, show him that you trust him and believe that he will be successful in doing it.
10 Tips to Parents With Sons
2. Let him show his emotions.
“Boys do not cry”, “Don’t act like a little girl”, “Do not whine” – we often hear these phrases and we ourselves have grown up with the belief that it is shameful for boys to cry. When your son is upset, let him show his sorrow as much as he needs. Do not worry that this will “spoil” him or he will grow up to be a lady-like crybaby.

After the first flood of emotions has passed, you can go talk to him. This will help him learn how to express his feelings with words and to name different emotions – whether we are talking about offense, anger, sorrow or joy.
10 Tips to Parents With Sons 3. Do not bereave him of physical closeness.
Sadly, many psychological studies have showed that moms and dads tend to give little girls more tenderness and show more physical closeness to them compared to boys. The truth is that children, especially when they are younger, crave closeness from the parent equally, they crave kisses and hugs. Children crave attention and, honestly, who is closer to them than their parents? They are the first people hey come to know and observe in this world. Do not deprave your child from attention and tenderness, just because he is a boy and stereotypes made you believe that you should treat your children differently, based just on their gender. Do animals treat their children differently?
When boys, that have been depraved from physical contact with the parent, grow up they tend to be more aggressive and find it harder to express their feelings, shows a research by the American psychologist Joanne Davis.

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