10 Tips On How To Give Up Smoking (part 3)

Tips On How To Give Up Smoking

7. Procrastinate!
If you feel the urge to smoke, don’t be hasty, do not go for the pack of cigarettes at once. First, inhale deeply ten times. Drink some water. Have a little snack – the first thing may be something small, like a candy or a bubblegum, and then you can go on to something healthier – carrots
, raisins, pretzels. Call a friend to encourage you. Do whatever you want to do to procrastinate lighting a cigarette, delay! This way the urge will subside. Trick your mind into fighting that urge, because, if you let it get to you, you will fail and everything you had achieved so far – you will have to start over once again. 10 Tips On How To Give Up Smoking

8. Get rid of other bad habits, too!
List down a positive habit against a negative one. What do you do when you are stressed out? If you respond to stress with a cigarette, you need to replace that habit with something else. Breathe in deeply, massage your neck and shoulders. Physical exercise might just do wonders for you. If you know that your usual habit is to light a cigarette first thing in the morning, or that you like smoking while driving, come up with some more pleasurable activities. Running is a very useful habit, especially when it comes to giving up smoking. Teach yourself positive habits and eliminate destructive and harmful ones like smoking.
10 Tips On How To Give Up Smoking
9. The first week is hell!
The first two days in fighting your addiction to nicotine are the hardest. The rest is inside your head. But do not be mistaken – the first week is hell. After that, things will be a lot easier. You will feel better during the second week as tension subsides and things become easier to deal with. Later on, the process reminds of sailing in quiet waters and your confidence grows stronger. You will begin to feel more secure in your ability to fight this addiction and you will begin to take pride in your will and self-control. These feelings will be incredibly helpful and will ease the whole process immensely.

10. If you happen to fail, hold your head up high and learn from your mistake!

We all fail. But this does not mean you should get depressed and think that you will never succeed. It is not the end of the world. You can always try again. Each of your fails will teach you something. Some people tend to repeat the same mistake over and over again. But this will help you see what it is that is actually holding you back from achieving your goal. Get motivated breathe in deeply, and start anew as soon as you can! If you give up now, you will never succeed. s

Good luck!
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